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Shaving My Head for the Fight Against Cancer

par Thomas Zacharzewski

160 €

collectés sur 200 €





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Pourquoi ce projet vous tient-il à coeur ? Transmettez-nous votre engagement !
Cancer is an issue that affects a huge portion of the world. My grandfather, Peter, died of Cancer and my grandmother, Dorothy, has suffered from Breast Cancer in the past. I feel like even raising just 200€ could go a long way toward finding a permanent cure to the disease, helping sufferers and their families and countless other fantastic causes.

Quel est votre objectif ?
I hope that by shaving my head the day before my birthday, I'll have raised some money but also awareness for for the Fondation contre le Cancer. While the money doesn't amount to much, increasing awareness of cancer charities will hopefully lead to more fundraising efforts like mine which will, in turn, lead to more money coming to the charities in question.

Quelque chose à ajouter ? Une anecdote à partager ?
I remember when my Gran had Breast Cancer, I remember specifically how surprised I was to see her with a headscarf. At the time I was still very young and I didn't really understand the disease. I knew that it was why I never met my Grandad but beyond that I didn't really know anything. My Gran survived and to this day she remains a very important person in my life and I sometimes think about how, if cancer treatment hadn't progressed so well in modern times, all the memories I have of her since her recovery wouldn't exist. That's why donating to cancer research is so important, it helps insure that families will be able to continue having memories of their loved ones for as long as possible.

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Anthony Zacharzewski

100 €


Emilie Hiernaux

40 €

Bravo à toi, Thomas


Kelly McBride

10 €


Susanna Richards

10 €

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